dmitriy pitenin

Dmitry Pitenin

1982, Russia, Moscow, 1\1

Landscape and art photographer, leading author of the column on landscape photography in the magazine "Russian Photo". Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (TSHR), the Union of Photographers of Russia (SFR), Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers (RUWP), the Russian Geographical Society (RGO). Finalist of all-Russian and international competitions, including "National Geographic. Wildlife of Russia", "Russian Geographical Society. The most beautiful country", "Sony World Photography Awards", "Golden Turtle", "Primordial Russia", "International exhibition Metalscape". Organizer of the photo project "Soul of Russia", head of the Nature Photo Team, organizer of the Nature Photo Talks forum of natural photography.

Photos were presented at exhibitions and auctions: Nature Photo Exp (Gallery of Classic Photography), Art of photography (PH21 Gallery), International Art Salon (Gostiny Dvor), Glitches and Defects (Millepiani Gallery), ANTIBiennale IV (CHA), Young Photographers of Russia (SFR), Auction house Litfund, PhotoDecorMarket, Moscow Photographic Salon.

Limited edition works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, the USA and other countries.

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