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Photographer, leading author’s column on landscape photography in the magazine “Russian Photo”. Member of “International Federation of Artists”,”Russian Photo Union”, “Russian Union of wildlife Photographers” and the “Russian Geographical Society”. Finalist and participant of all-Russian and international competitions and exhibitions, including: “National Geographic. Wildlife of Russia”, “Russian Geographical Society. The most beautiful country”, “Sony World Photography Awards”, “Golden Turtle”, “Primeval Russia”, “Metalscape International Exhibition”, one of the organizers of “Soul of Russia” photo project, organizer of the wildlife photo forum “Nature Photo Talks”.


Born in Moscow. In school years I studied in a literary gymnasium class, then studied for a geologist with classical and heroic specialization – “search and shoot.” Pathfinders, tundra, boreal forest, months-long expeditions and other pieces of romance. Like in the books written by Oleg Kuvaev. During the education years the romantic flair of the profession exhaled, but the love for nature and its various conditions remained. I wanted to share these conditions, unusual for a city dweller.

In my childhood I didn’t have regular “Smena” magazine and hours spent in the bathroom with a red lantern and a smell of photo reagents. I had some kind of film glovebox camera for family pictures, and no more. The world began to turn slowly after buying a digital camera. I’ve never liked to do things with empty head, so I began to delve into – and now I’m involved. First I was interested in all genres and wanted to try everything, there are so much interesting in the photo world. Over the years, all this fell away and I felt my internal strings vibrated with a gentle timbre and crawling sensation while I shoot nature. If I look back, it’s clear everything led to my landscape shooting – my education, my character and the craving for some new places and such “quiet adventures.” I’m not a city type at all. I’m tired of crowds and “stone jungle” surroundings. I wish I had an opportunity to look into the distance and to hear no noise of civilization. I’ve always tried to take a nature hike, join walking tours, rafting and other tourist joys. And since the interest in shooting appeared, the camera became a silent co-traveler first, and then a leading companion. Recently, I choose places of travel, guided by the desire to shoot something. It can be different sides, not only glaring and beautiful views, but also some cozy spots and interesting details. Sometimes I shoot the city landscape as well and I try to find places with no evidence of time, without wires, cars and advertising noticed. I also like landscape abstraction.

Travelling and photography are integrals for me. Although trips are often difficult, as weather conditions are far from comfortable, and sleeps are short, I take them as a holiday. On trips I try to enter into the spirit of a place and to soak up all the nature features of the region. And when I see the sunrise and admire the nature in the most fragile and touching moment, I can’t stop loving the place. I always want to go back, as I haven’t watched some details, I haven’t finished something and I haven’t succeeded to bring some of my shooting ideas to life. But I’m attracted to the northern areas mainly. It’s even hard to say if I prefer to return to my favorite place or to visit a new one. I try to balance, part of the trip I study new places and the other time I catch interesting nature conditions in the old and loved ones, when the new sides come to light.

A photography for me is an opportunity. The opportunity to take a break from everyday life, the opportunity to enjoy and worry, the opportunity to see and feel from a slightly different angle. It is difficult to draw a general line under my photos, the subjects are diverse. But if you try to summarize anyway – they are about the beauty in ordinary things. About many things, often go unnoticed and seem insignificant in bustle and ‘foam’ of the days. They are about the fragility and majesty of nature. I try to convey simple sensations like stone roughness, sun warmth and wind freshness, and simple joys.

I love silence, calmness and partly a sense of privacy. So, apparently, I and landscape come together. I draw inspiration from gusts of wind, splashes of salty water, shuffle of leaves and scatter light. I’m excited by any nature condition and place with minimal human intervention. In the cities I’m inspired by the atmosphere of olden time, rough stone masonry and log houses, thin spires of Gothic cathedrals and stone lace.


Currently I use the photo equipment as follows:

Camera: Canon 5dsr

Lenses: Canon 17mm TS-E, Canon 24-70 \ 4 IS, Canon 70-200 \ 4 IS

Filters: polarizing B + W, Lee and Hitech Filter Systems (gradient and of neutral density).

Tripod: Gitzo Systematic Series 5 + head Photoclam Pro Gold V

Backpack: F-Stop Satori


Exhibitions, contests, publications:

2019 – Exhibition “International Art Salon in the Gostiny Dvor”

2019 – Exhibition “Glitches and defects”

2019 – Exhibition “Indigo ART. XXI century”

2019 – Auction house “Litfund”. ArtLitFund. Modern Art (164)

2019 – Auction house “Litfund”. ArtLitFund. Modern and Future Art, XXI-XXII centuries (159)

2019 – Forum “Nature Photo Talks”

2019 – Exhibition “ANTIBIENNALE IV”

2019 — Expert Commission of the RGO “The Most Beautiful Country”

2019 — Magazine “LEMAG” (Long Exposure Photography Magazine)


2018 — Meet the artist event in “Golden Turtle”

2018 — Solo exhibition “FRAGILE”

2018 — Festival “Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival”

2018 — Magazine “Magazine 43”

2018 — Festival “Grand Italia Fest”

2018 — Exhibition “The Great Journey of Domodedovo. Unexplored»

2018 — The jury of “Wiki loves Earth”

2018 — Exhibition “Young photographers of Russia”

2018 — Festival “Elements of science”

2018 — Festival “Primordial Russia”


2017 — Market “PhotoDecorMarket (autumn)” in the design-center “ARTPLAY”

2017 — Exhibition “Silver necklace of Russia” in the garden Hermitage

2017 — Expert Commission of the RGO “The Most Beautiful Country”

2017 — Market “PhotoDecorMarket (spring)” in the design-center “Flacon”


2016 — Meet the artist event in “Gallery of Classic Photography”

2016 — Convention “Manual focus”

2016 — Festival “Golden Turtle”

2016 — Exhibition “The Most Beautiful Country”

2016 — Сontest Epson “Planet of Colour”

2016 — Exhibition  “16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition”

2016 — Сontest PINWIN-8 “Architectural Photography. Contrasts”

2016 — Exhibition “Soul of Russia — in Vladimir”

2016 — Exhibition “Travel around the place”


2015 — Exhibition “The Amazing Planet”

2015 — Magazine “Foto&Video”, №7-8

2015 — Сontest PINWIN-7 “Architecture and Nature”

2015 — Сontest “Foreigner’s View”

2015 — Exhibition “Soul of Russia”

2015 — Exhibition “Travel around the place”

2015 — Exhibition “Metalscape International Exhibition — 2015”



2014 —Сontest “Sony World Photography Awards”

2014 — Сontest Epson “Catch the Inspiration”

2014 — Сontest “IFPC 2014 Kenko Tokina”

2014 — Magazine “Foto&Video”, №7

2014 — Festival “Window on the World”

2014 — Magazine “Foto&Video”, №8

2014 — Magazine “Foto&Video”, №10

2014 — Exhibition “Travel around the place”

2014 — Exhibition “Russian Photo Week 2.0”

2014 — Market “Photo Salon. Summer 2014”

2014 — Market “Moscow Photographic Salon (autumn 2014)”


2013 — Сontest National Geographic “Russian Wildlife”

2013 — Сontest “World through Zenit’s Eye”

2013 — Сontest “Foreigner’s View”

2013 — Magazine “Foto&Video”, №10

2013 — Magazine “Foto&Video”, №12


2012 — Telecast “Worth-while Shot”

2012 — Сontest “IFPC 2012-2013 Kenko Tokina”